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UglyConnect Story

Our team remember when we all first started out in our career. We didn't have a lot of money, but we had big dreams. We wanted to be able to communicate with people all over the world and collaborate on projects. But every time we tried to use one of the expensive video conferencing tools, it just wasn't affordable long-term. And so we created this product/service.

Now, people can communicate in real-time without having to worry about the cost. It's been amazing to see how people have used this tool to connect with others and create something great.

We wanted to create a product that would allow people to communicate and collaborate in real time, with video, audio, screen sharing and live chat features. We were driven by the desire to make communication and collaboration more efficient and effective. We believe that this product will help people connect and work together more effectively.

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With Video, Audio and Screen Sharing Communication, and Live Chat

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