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UglyConnect allows you to use features like blur background, take snapshots, raise hands, file sharing and much more. Participants can join a meeting without requiring any downloads or plugins with simple click of a link.

Membership & Paid Meetings

It offers you a feature to charge your participants either with membership or with individual meeting fee.

Public & Private Meeting

Easily setup public or private meeting, Invite participants via email or with shareable URL.

Screen Sharing & Whiteboard

Share your screen during meeting or show whiteboard to quickly demonstrate data with your team.

24x7 Conference Room

No need to create meeting again & again, Quickly setup a conference room. Open or close as per your convinience.


UglyConnect is the best way to stay connected with loved ones or colleagues. The video and audio quality is excellent, and you can share your screen to show pictures or videos.

Video Conference

UglyConnect is a reliable, easy to use video conferencing service that lets you connect with others through video and audio with screen share. You can use it for work meetings, catching up with friends, or distance learning.

UglyConnect lets you see and hear the people you're talking to, whether they're down the hall or across the world. Video conferencing with UglyConnect is easy to use and lets you share your screen too, so you can show presentations or work on a project together.


The UglyConnect Webinar is the perfect way to stream yourself live with video and audio. With this webinar, you can easily connect with others while maintaining high quality audio and video. You'll be able to deliver a clear and concise message that will engage your audience.

UglyConnect is the perfect way to stream yourself live with video and audio. Whether you're hosting a webinar or just want to connect with friends and family, UglyConnect makes it easy.

Live Class

UglyConnect Live Class is the perfect way to stream yourself live and interact with others. You can see and hear everyone in the class, and so can others. This makes it easy to connect with people and learn new things.

UglyConnect lets you show your true self, live and unedited. It's a safe space to be yourself, and connect with others who appreciate you for who you are. No need to worry about filters or putting on a persona - just be yourself and let your personality shine through.

Audio Conference

If you're sick of getting conference calls that drop, or dealing with audio quality that makes it hard to hear what's being said, then you need UglyConnect. With our group voice call feature, you'll be able to connect with up to 20 people at once without any problems. Plus, our sound quality is crystal clear, so you won't miss a word.

UglyConnect lets you have an audio conference with a group voice call. You can use it to connect with friends, family, or colleagues. The best part is that it's included free!


If you're looking for a way to connect with others and share your audio live, then UglyConnect Podcasts is the perfect solution. With this service, you can easily stream your audio live with others who are invited. This makes it easy to connect with friends and family, or even share your audio with a wider audience.

If you're looking to connect with others in a more meaningful way, UglyConnect Podcasts is the perfect solution. With our live streaming capabilities, you can share your audio with anyone who's been invited, making it easy to connect with friends and family no matter where they are. Plus, our high quality audio makes it easy to hear and be heard, ensuring that every conversation is crystal clear.


UglyConnect offers flat simple pricing with different plans. No hidden cost.

  • Monthly
  • Annually
  • Lifetime
  • USD



  • Video Conference
  • Audio Conference
  • Webinar
  • Up-To 150 Participants
  • Screen Sharing
  • 1hr Meeting Time
  • Conference Room
  • Recording Download
  • Whiteboard
  • File Sharing
  • PWA Web App
  • Meeting Chat



  • *Professional Plan to include:
  • Live Class
  • Podcast
  • Paid Meeting
  • Membership
  • Unlimited Participants
  • Up-To 4k Video
  • Screen Sharing
  • No Meeting Time Limit
  • Conference Room
  • Unlimited Recording Download
  • PWA Web App



  • Setup Fee Required
  • Designed for Small Businesses
  • *All Plan Features included
  • Branding to Your Business
  • Custom Domain
  • Entire Team Accounts
  • Internal Business Chat
  • 1st to Receive New Features
  • Non-Profit Organizations and UglyConnect partners are eligible for Lifetime price lock and/or discounting
  • Inquire at for more information


Our customers love our all-in-one conference and collaboration solutions because it’s the preferred solution for any individual, company, or organization. Experience the freedom of meeting and collaborating your way with UglyConnect.

Use Cases

UglyConnect features include video conference, podcast, live class, webinar and audio conference. There are many benefits to real-time communication and collaboration both in personal and professional life.

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Webinars & Live Seminars

Educational & Non-Profit Organizations

Conference Calling, Podcast & Streaming

Collaborate online in real-time

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